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We'll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema

Jan 7, 2019

Live By Night 18/26

This is the episode where we burn it all down then rise from the ashes like Fawkes the bird from Harry Potter which is the book series where, canonically, wizards poo on the floor. We talk a lot about wizard waste, $HHHH Cop and cartoons in this one, so come check it out.

The Justice Boys

Dec 24, 2018

Live By Night 17/26


We look at a whole mess of posters for Live By Night and learn...well virtually nothing. But we obliquely talk about Spider-Man a lot! 

You can see Man With Cars on Hat and $HHHHHH Cop here:

Dec 18, 2018

We crack open the mailbag to read letters from *squints* August? Oof, we really got it wrong this time. Good thing we have a new year coming up!

Dec 10, 2018

Live By Night 16/26

Ryan's brother Sean joins us this fortnight with a whole lot of tongue clicking action and then Michael steps in it and tells a whole lot of lies about Masaai people. I guess we talk about the movie too, a little. 

The Justice Boys

Nov 26, 2018

Live By Night 15/26


The Queen of the Giblets Emily Bennett returns to brighten our Thanksgiving holiday once again in what can now only be considered a tradition. We talk about back tattoos, wishbones, wishbone back tattoos and Ben Affleck's philandering. Join us, won't you?


The Justice Boys