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We'll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema

Jun 23, 2018

Live By Night 4/26


Philip M (Divisive Issues, Oops, I Talked Politics!) joins us to drip-feed some morsels into our Live By Night/Live By Night plot synopsis. Is ScarJo in this movie, too? It's obviously a PC film (thanks millennials), but maybe not in the way you think.


With Love/Live,

The Justice Boys

Jun 9, 2018

Live By Night 3/26


Meghan Griffin (Judging Book Covers, Fablelous Retellings, A Handbook for A Handbook for Mortals) joins us to play Mad (Glad) Libs and reveal that we need to introduce characters for every phase of the moon, from Stinky Pete to Billy Burke. 

The Justice Boys