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We'll Get It Right Next Year: An Adventure in Cinema

Jun 9, 2018

Live By Night 3/26


Meghan Griffin (Judging Book Covers, Fablelous Retellings, A Handbook for A Handbook for Mortals) joins us to play Mad (Glad) Libs and reveal that we need to introduce characters for every phase of the moon, from Stinky Pete to Billy Burke. 

The Justice Boys

May 26, 2018

Live by Night 2/26


Whoops! The audio sucks on this one. It happens to every podcast at least once...or several times. Sorry about that. 

But it's still worth listening to because eternal delight Helen joins us for THE WHOLE EPISODE. 

We really dig ourselves into a hole with lots and lots of menstruation talk, but we...

May 12, 2018

Live/Live By Night 1/26


Live by Night or Live by Night?


Two roads diverged in a dumb podcast but we decided to follow both of them. And that has made all the difference. 


The Justice Boys

Apr 28, 2018

WGIRNY Gaiden 2/x

We're still not doing a movie! This fortnight we joined up with the cast of the actual play RPG podcast They See Me Rollin' to play an improvised RPG based on a randomly selected movie.

We commit some light blasphemies, commit hedonistic acts and break a few fourth walls in this absurd improvised...

Apr 14, 2018

WGIRNY Gaiden 1/X

We're not doing a movie yet! Or rather we're doing tiny bits of lots of movies?? Whatever it is, we had fun. Ryan and Michael and Helen go into a lightning round by speculating about the plot of three movies. 

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